How to deal with stress in medical school

Stress is a constant around medical students... it is a huge obstacle that enables a huge amount of them to enjoy and really take the best out of their medical education. I want all of my peer medical students to enjoy this journey as much as I do, and to love every aspect of it... Continue Reading →


¿Desde cuando está bien ser infanticida?

Llegó la hora de abrir los ojos! He visto con preocupación cómo cada vez el tema de la eutanasia toma más fuerza. Como cada vez más países y por supuesto personas comprometen sus principios en pro de lo que ellos consideran "una muerte digna". Entonces... ¿Somos personas dignas al promover o ejecutar un asesinato? La... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on Euthanasia

Live is the most valuable gift we will ever receive. It could be as beautiful and exciting as we want it to be, and the best part is that, despite the circumstances, we are the only ones with the power to decide how great we want our lives to be.  That being said, I think... Continue Reading →

Lovely Medellín

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of visiting different cities around the World, but despite their charms, Medellín is still my favorite one. With its breathtaking views and lovely people, it's the perfect place to enjoy and relax. Opposed to what is portrayed in TV shows, people in Medellín are warm and welcoming, and... Continue Reading →


When it comes to my beauty routine, I love to keep it simple, which is pretty easy given the fact that my dermatologist gives the best advice, all of which I'm going to share with you today.  First things first... Face wash Washing my face is the most important part of both my mourning and... Continue Reading →

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