Family First – The Medical School Experience

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As medical students, we tend to give our academics way more importance than what they really deserve, and forget to prioritize what’s actually important in our lives, what motivates and pushes us to be the best version of ourselves, family.

My family has always been there for me, they guide me, nourish and love me to the best of their capabilities. At the end of the day, they are the reason why I want to give my all into achieving the best results in every aspect of my life.

As medical students, we tend to make the terrible mistake of prioritizing or academic life over our social or even our family life. After all, people that truly care about us will always be there, no matter what, or so we asume. But the thing is, they might not always be there after all, and even if they do, there’s this virtue called respect which we owe them in great quantity.

I understand how hard it is to allocate time adequately in order to enjoy quality time with our loved ones while fulfilling our responsibilities at the same time, but it is mandatory that we acquire this time management skill in order to ensure not only our own happiness and wellness, but also that of those around us.

That being said, I suggest you write down a list of all of your priorities, take out a planner or a calendar and assign a specific time frame for all of the things you have to do, and all of the things you wish to do. This will certainly facilitate your life in a great manner.


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  1. Time management! Yes! And family is so important because family is most the support system for most people. Excellent post.

    There is this awesome website that helped me figure out where I could find more time in my days or where I needed to be utilizing my time better.
    Hopefully someone else can find it useful too! Maybe I’ll blog it one day.

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  2. So true. Funny thing, I struggle now finding time and balance and I’m a premed and a newly wed! I already have limited interaction with friends and family bc I’m always studying or trying to study. I want to do well, and I do love and appreciate my family, but how do you do both, and still have healthy relationships when school is completed? My biggest fear, is I will have been away too long, and everyone will have moved on with out me….to be honest, I kind of feel that way already. 🙁


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