How do you do it? – The Med School Experience

I’m one to get involved in many activities at the same time, but being a medical student, that might be a hard task to accomplish. Once you make a commitment, you stick to it and fulfil all of your obligations, and the only way I know that enables me to do almost everything I want and keep up with my responsibilities is to PLAN AHEAD OF TIME. 

Planning allows me to do volunteer work, take care of my horses, exercise, maintain a healthy and active social life, give my family the quality time they requiere, while at the same time achieving academic excellence at medical school.

What I do is, I wake up really early on a daily basis, I don’t care what day it is, say my prayers and go straight to the shower. My classes start at 7 am, and it takes me 10 minutes to get there, so that means I should wake up at around 6 am in order to get ready and be on time. But what I actually do is, I wake up at 5 am, which gives me an extra our of alone time to study.

The other great thing I do is to study every single day, not just for the exams. I prepare my clases before hand, take notes during class, and then review all of the material covered on the same day.

IMPORTANT TIP: Ask a friend of a higher level (or someone that has already taken the classes you’re going to see next semester) to lend you their notes during the holidays and start reviewing. This allows you to start ahead of time, which results in more space on your schedule during the semester.

Also, always keep a planner, whether it be an online calendar or an actual planner. Plan way ahead of time, in order to distribute your activities adequately. What I like to do is to sit down the first day of the semester and write down all of the important dates on the syllabus, that way I’ll know how to manage my time.


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