How to deal with stress in medical school

Stress is a constant around medical students... it is a huge obstacle that enables a huge amount of them to enjoy and really take the best out of their medical education. I want all of my peer medical students to enjoy this journey as much as I do, and to love every aspect of it... Continue Reading →


How do you do it? – The Med School Experience

I'm one to get involved in many activities at the same time, but being a medical student, that might be a hard task to accomplish. Once you make a commitment, you stick to it and fulfil all of your obligations, and the only way I know that enables me to do almost everything I want and keep... Continue Reading →

Pathway to Success in Medical School

Succeeding in medical school, as you might be well aware, isn't the easiest thing in the World, but nor is it impossible. There are a few things you need to do in order to guarantee your success.  Never forget why you chose medicine in the first place Medical school can be overwhelming and stressful if... Continue Reading →

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